AccessTEL QC

Database: HANA

Solution Description: 

Quality check is an essential part of the business process in a company. To maintain the required quality of their product, quality of the inbound materials i.e. Raw Materials and In-process / Semi-finished product(s) and Finished products, wherever applicable, must be checked. In case of quality check failure, materials are either returned to the concerned supplier or disposed of physically. 

The overall Quality Check module has been designed, developed and integrated in such a way to maintain the entire flow in SAP Business One.


  • Quality Scenario definition for both Item Group and/or individual Item
  • Document specific Quality Scenario definition
  • Quality Inspection of with/without Batch/Serial Item(s)
  • Auto Transfer entry of QC passed materials from QC warehouse to Main warehouse and rejected materials to Scrap warehouse.
  • QC Certificate Generation

Customer Benefits:

  • A powerful and flexible solution to control the quality standards for both Inbound, In-Process and Outbound Item(s).
  • An extensive solution having capabilities to minimise quality issues along with streamlining the business operations.


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