Vendor Portals

AccessTEL, having known the challenges of managing vendors, has developed an online Vendor Management software application with features to address the existing procurement pain points.

A vendor management system keeps all Purchase Quotations/Orders rising within the ERP with no external tools required for the merchant to use while allowing the supplier/vendor to conveniently access and manage quotations.

Finally, let’s see how companies benefit from an ERP integrated Vendor portal system.

  • Track & compare RFQ received from vendors.
  • Companies automatically issue Purchase Orders (POs) and Purchase Order Quotations to Vendors once raised.
  • Provides easy access to the PO for the Vendors once received.
  • IT gives permission to the vendor to confirm the PO, conveniently add delivery dates and related invoices.
  • Automatically updates the ERP with the expected price and confirmation of possible delivery dates once entered to the purchase order quotation by the Supplier.
Vendor portal features & benefits:

  • Enhance vendor performance.
  •  Faster Processing
  • Save time, money and effort by empowering your vendors to access their own, up-to-the-minute report data – at any time, wherever they are in the world
  •  Improved Communications
  •  Seamless Integration
  •  Make sound business decisions with readily accessible, real-time data
  •  Reduce Manual Admin Tasks
  •  Automated Notifications & Reminders
  •  Real-time ERP Data Integration


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