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Digital Transformation During COVID-19

Here at AccessTEL, our month was packed with essential webinars, where we have been turning up the heat on the theme of “Adapting to the coronavirus”. From how to work remotely to digital supply chain and digital transformation solutions to support increasingly complex software requirements at a time of crisis.  

The world is changing and it is impossible to predict how those changes will occur and impact on businesses. However, there are certain strategies and tactics to be ready for these changes to win over competition. So, what are those steps and responses to business slowdown? Who are the winners and what strategies they deploy to win the tough times? By researching and analyzing various facts of post recession companies, we were able to present and highlight those challenges in the case of Bangladesh and abroad.

How AccessTEL, being a global software solutions provider, can support your business during pandemic? Together with SAP, we are offering our enablement sessions at no cost and open to everyone where you can learn new ways of supply chain and support your team who are struggling to manage the overnight changes. 



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